The cobbler’s children have no shoes.

And this marketer’s website had no logo.

Brand identity is all about how a brand’s logo “feels.” Exciting? Strong? Sexy? Fashionable? Good brand identity arouses feelings in the blink of an eye. Marketers make sure they are the right feelings. But, like the cobbler, I just never got around to doing it for myself.

Lifelong friends Will Hopkins and Mary K. Baumann of Hopkins/Baumann are world-class designers with an enviable portfolio and are the current designers of American Craft Magazine. Will and MK have designed logos for several of my clients, and the results are remarkable. Here are some examples:

Masters Alliance is a business management consulting firm. The company was looking to refresh its corporate image before a major website update and book release. Designed for C-level executives running already successful companies, the new logo expresses excitement and strength. represents my best marketing work.

Labels 2 Learn used codes on products in grocery stores as a sales incentive for consumers (moms with kids in school) using on-the-box codes scanned with an app for school fundraising. Like “Box Tops for Education” but with electronic transactions. Company didn’t take off, but the logo is genius. The “bug” would’ve looked great on a cereal box.

About that cobbler…

A few weeks ago, Will told me I needed a logo. A few hours later he sent me one. This cobbler’s brand has a logo! Thanks Will!