Years ago we’d use the White Pages to find a company’s phone number and address from the alphabetized listings. But it only worked if you knew the name of the company.

For products and services we’d use the Yellow Pages. We’d find what we were looking for from an alphabetized list of categories.

Today we type some text into a search engine to find everything we’re looking for. If we type in a company’s name, it’s like using the white pages. The search will bring up websites that contain that company’s name. If the company is paying for an upgrade the result will appear at the top of the search page (the sponsored list). If not, the company’s name will likely appear next on the list.

But what if we don’t know a company’s name? We’ll use search words that define your business, not your name. Just like the Yellow Pages.

What words will your potential customer use to find you? Are you sure?