About Lee Snyder

Marketing consultant, website designer, video producer, photographer, creative writer – I’ve been doing all these things and more doing business as Connections, Multi-Media, Ideas at Work, and Virtual Communications. I’m currently using On-Demand Productions.

I’ve produced hundreds of videos, sales meetings, computer games, multi-media extravaganzas, and websites. In the process, I’ve learned how to identify and think like target customers, develop strategic marketing plans, and produce creative online campaigns for my clients. I use the latest high tech tools from data analytics to Search Engine Optimization to WordPress and social media to spread the word for my clients, to engage and convert new customers, and to prove that our marketing strategies worked.

Elevator pitch: On-Demand Productions develops and executes creative, strategically sound and highly successful digital marketing campaigns for our clients. Our recommended marketing plans and campaigns increases my client’s online traffic and expands their business using responsive websites, mobile marketing, email campaigns, social media, and more.

Promise: On-Demand Productions digital marketing strategies will dramatically increase website traffic and generate new business for your company.

My favorite success stories are about the impossible projects I’ve nailed. Like ChexQuest, the “Doom”-based video game in a box of cereal that remains the industry’s most successful in-store promotion. And “What is a Bellybutton?” the award-winning CD-ROM produced for Time-Life and Mayo Clinic. For my Master’s thesis I brought together the biggest local TV station and leading FM radio station to broadcast the area’s first rock video in stereo. I wrote about it and got a diploma.

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