The other day I received a hand-written thank you note from my Spire Credit Union loan officer.

Actually, I want to thank Spire for being the best financial institution I’ve experienced.

And I want to share my story with you.

If business success is all about leadership…

Spire Credit Union’s, Dan Stoltz is a great example, and his leadership has enabled Spire to thrive.

Here’s a short list of what I like about Spire:

  1. It’s a credit union. Customers are members. Employees have a unique motivation: Do what’s best for members. Find the best rates. Make banking easy.
  2. It’s “driven by midwestern values.” Says so in Spire’s mission statement:
    1. Core Purpose: Improve Lives
    2. Core Value: We Care
    3. Core Vision: Minnesota’s Best
    4. Core Action: Give Back
  3. It’s built on relationships
    1. Members are treated like neighbors
    2. Annual meetings pay members $25 to attend a one-hour meeting. With 5,000 people showing up, this makes Spire Annual meetings both informative and impressive. Spire even busses in members from miles away for the day. Imagine the word-of-mouth advertising value in this one act
    3. Community connections and partners, including St. Paul Saints, Minnesota United FC, St. Paul Winter Carnival and Mpls. Aquatennial
  4. Dan Stoltz is a charismatic leader
    1. Featured in the 2019 issue “Art of Giving Back” magazine, posed with his wife and grandkids
    2. Great TV presence, internal agency, and economical ad budget
    3. At annual meeting, Dan gives everybody his personal cell phone number, adding that if we have anything to discuss, to call him.
    4. Imagine the public relations benefits, simply because Dan Stoltz is  being Dan Stoltz, a neighbor, an honest citizen that gives back, and a leader of an innovative and highly successful Credit Union.

Spire commercials are really customer testimonials. At Spire’s annual meeting, each of these customers are introduced and honored by an audience of 5,000.