Rick Jacobson

Meet Rick Jacobson

A good friend and even better client

Steve Bakke, lifelong friend and freight train hopping companion, introduced me to Rick Jacobson over a dozen years ago. Been doing his marketing ever since.

Rick is one-of-a-kind. A successful, independent home remodeler whose greatest strengths are honesty and integrity.

Rick is the kind of guy you’d want working on your kitchen, bath, or addition. People trust him.

That’s because Rick is a people person. He takes the time to keep his customers up to date and on top of every project, every step of the way. He knows a lot about construction and local codes and he treats his crews very well. This is especially important with the disruption of remodeling – problems and opportunities seem to present themselves at every step. Wait: That’s the theme of every HGTV show. Rick should have gone into reality TV!

Working with Rick has been great for me, too. Over the years I’ve photographed dozens of Rick’s projects and figured out how to take cool “before and after” photos. He even pays me to write the stories that go with them. Rick’s projects are featured on Houzz.com where he’s received 6 back-to-back “Best of Houzz” awards, and still going strong.

Gotta say I’m proud of his website. We’ve just updated it with a new current projects page. It works great on phones and pads. And the website is loaded with stuff you can’t see but Google can; things like dozens of keywords that customers are likely to use to search for remodeling services.

It also represents work that I can do totally on my own. Beginning with writing a marketing plan, I’ve been taking photos, editing and designing graphics and logos with PhotoShop, writing copy, making new web pages, helping with trade shows, updating Houzz and pretty much everything in between. It’s been a fun ride. Still is.

Thanks, Rick!