A Guilt-Free Website Review

No strings attached.

Last month I used an iPad to show a non-profit committee that their organization’s website wasn’t working on phones and pads. Their response: “The website was contributed by volunteers.” Translation: Don’t rock the boat.

Then it hit me.

We’re Minnesotans. We probably know the people who made our company’s website – a co-worker or friend; someone you see all the time and treat as family. It can be hard to be critical of someone’s work if you know them and their families and work with them every day.

You can probably think of a small business,

church, or non-profit that has a poor website. Maybe you work for one. Could “preventing conflict” be one reason why your organization’s website has lost its luster? Is your company’s marketing out of step because of some process that prevents progress?

I’d like to help with a guilt-free website review.

I’ll give your organization an objective overview of your website – the first place people go to know more about you. I’ll critique graphic design, navigation, functionality, headlines, copy, photos and video, and give you an overview with recommendations for improvement and opportunities to build on. All in a way that won’t offend anyone. No strings attached.

And I’ll do it for free.

Why? Because I love doing this. I’m an old guy with years of experience looking for something meaningful to do with my life. A guy who loves to help well-intentioned people fine-tune their company’s branding and take advantage of marketing opportunities they may have overlooked.

What next?

Do you know someone whose website could use a guilt-free review? Let’s talk by phone. Send me an email, and we’ll figure out a time. Thanks.