Free Websites Aren’t So Free

You’ve seen the emails and pop-ups for website builders. They promise that you can easily create your own professional website with no technical skills using a pre-formatted template. It looks like a great deal.

I recently reviewed a “free” website as part of my research for a new client. Based on a popular template, the site looked and worked great – something my client was quite proud of. But try as I could I was unable to figure out what business he was in, or why it should matter to me. Seems like those are two pretty important things to not miss. And that’s the trouble with free websites. They are dependent on the content you provide to make them work.

You are responsible for supplying the words and graphics and photos and everything else required to build your website. And these are the most fundamentally important parts of website development.

Independent website developers (like me) will build your website starting with a marketing plan that use the right combination of words, photographs, graphics, and creative design that will generate business for your business.

Beginning with identifying a target customer to establishing a clear marketing message, developers design and execute a creative and functional campaign that includes a website and social media and more. Then we use tracking technology to show you the results in terms you’ll understand.

Of course we won’t do these things for free. But you get what you pay for.