Dear GoDaddy,

As a concerned customer working with a company I respect, here’s a suggestion that would have helped me through a stressful project and could help others like me in the future.

Took GoDaddy’s advice and have been moving my client’s websites from older legacy servers (because they’ll no longer be receiving software and security updates) to GoDaddy’s “Ultimate” plan with state-of-the-art servers and managed SSL.

Although the task looked daunting – and GoDaddy clearly explained why – it became far more daunting and far more time-consuming than I could have ever imagined. But guided by GoDaddy reps together with 30+ hours of focused concentration the job got done. Only to have important websites go off-line. Surprise!

When I opened a new Ultimate hosting account in January, my GoDaddy rep suggested that I get SSL certification as part of the hosting package. I had Managed SSL that expired at the end of January and the plans overlapped, so I agreed. So I just let it expire. But things didn’t work out.

On Feb 2, the Managed SSL plan expired and all my hosted websites using SSL certification went off line. Fortunately I discovered the issue quickly and after several urgent GoDaddy phone calls, a new managed SSL account was opened and certificates set up. But not until after websites were off-line for hours. Got a refund for an SSL package I didn’t need after all.

Migrating WordPress websites from the old GoDaddy servers to the new should have been pretty straightforward. Wasn’t easy at all. Had to totally rebuild one 30-page website from scratch and hire GoDaddy to migrate another.

Finally, when my WordPress sites were ready to go on the new server it was time to re-point the URLs. That’s when an entirely new set of challenges surfaced, all for unique reasons, all outside my control.

It took lots of calls and even more patience to fix things.

Here’s the Kicker

At the very beginning of this process I asked if someone from GoDaddy could be hired on an hourly basis to assist with all this. Sort of a project manager for a long, complicated process, but using one master plan and one project design that we both could follow. Of course, that wasn’t an option, but I still believe this is a good idea.

Why? Because every new customer service representative I talked with had to go back through the history of the migration process and figure out what was done, what was wrong, and how to fix it. Imagine being the 7th or 8th guy in line. Then the fix often created another issue adding to a cascading pile of issues, every new issue requiring a new representative who had to literally go back to square one to figure out what to do. Seems like a lot of unproductive work.

If I could have hired a GoDaddy project manager and paid by the hour for support, I’d jump right in! Simply by having one internal contact managing the project from start to finish using a single game plan and GoDaddy tools would be well worth the investment.

For GoDaddy, it would have saved hours of less-than-productive customer service time while earning additional income.

GoDaddy has the best customer support in the business. I trust the company to provide secure web hosting and email services for my customers.

Please consider adding “pay as you go” project management services.


Lee Snyder